About me

As a coach, I love to help people be the best that they can be. I am passionate about building relationships that lead to real results.

Having been on my own journey to a more positive and fulfilling life, I now help others to do the same.

A member of the International Coaching Federation

"Making it happen"
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Personal Development

Believe you can do something, and you’re half way there!

The power of the mind is transformational. Challenge your self-beliefs, strip away your fear of failure and change your behaviour for the better.

Personal Development Coaching can set you on a path to success and fulfilment, both at work and at home.

"Be inspired"
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You only get one shot at life. Live it, love it!

Call me today to find out how I can help you, or someone who supports you, to be remarkable.

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"I was sceptical about the benefits of life coaching, but was thoroughly delighted with the results. Sarah asks the questions that you never fully face up to, she fully supports you and she helps you with plans and ideas you probably haven’t considered before. You can talk in absolute confidence."

Niki Bell
Artist and Printmaker

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“Sarah has an incredible ability to help you to realise your true potential. I saw a quick and real difference in how I go about my day to day life in my career, and the effect has been improvements in efficiency, better customer service and team management and ultimately more revenue”

Nick Smith
Vivid Creative

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“Sarah helped me to identify what success would look like, what impact it would have on my role and how I could get there. She was an empathic listener with a wealth of skills. Her faith in my ability to reach my goals myself was infectious and really motivating”.

Helen Stavri

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"Working with Sarah has given me the clarity of thinking I needed to identify and value my personal strengths, and develop my role as Director. I found Sarah’s approach to be supportive, pragmatic and encouraging. Her understanding of the realities, challenges and pressure of business helped me to improve productivity and company performance during an important period of change".

DH (Director)