Here is my story….

Having worked in Office Management and Senior Executive Assistant roles for 24 years, I always got a kick out of dealing with the detail for people, being one step ahead and anticipating their needs. It was my job to free up other people’s time so they could think strategically and be more productive.

Yet, it wasn’t until one pivotal point in my career that I realised I’d never dedicated the same effort to creating my own ‘strategic thinking space’.

After attending an assertiveness and confidence building course, I had a lightbulb moment. I realised that I wasn’t getting the best out of myself. By challenging my self-limiting beliefs, focusing on what was holding me back and changing my behaviour I became much more effective at work.

And, importantly, I felt more fulfilled generally.

I had discovered the transformational power of the brain and in the process uncovered my passion for building the sort of relationships that help other people unlock their ‘remarkability’ too.

For me, coaching was a natural extension of my previous EA career. I believe that every one of my clients is remarkable and that by providing safe, uninterrupted time to think, I can help unlock the creativity and confidence I know we each possess.