Executive Assistant/Support Staff Coaching

Live your vision and demand your success

Behind every great Executive is a remarkable Support Team

On paper, the skills needed for a competent Executive Assistant, Office Manager or member of the support team,  include multi-tasking, organising, negotiating and communicating. But these complex roles are about so much more. To be truly effective, an Executive Assistant or member of the support team needs to be able to anticipate the needs of their Executive in advance. That’s when the relationship really starts to sing.

Imagine if your day to day tasks were done without you needing to ask.

Or feeling confident that your diary was being managed, documents prepared and travel booked, without you needing to follow-up.

Think of the time you could free up if you didn’t need to supervise or sign off as many admin tasks. Time to think strategically. Time to act creatively and decisively. Time to focus on driving business forward rather than drowning in detail or directions.

Turn knowledge into action

Investing in the personal development of your Executive Assistant or support team is a double-win. Your EA or support team feel valued and respected. They get the opportunity to unlock their potential, overcome any limiting behaviours and uncover new skills. You, in turn, directly feel the benefit of a big leap in their confidence and productivity, helping you to do a better job too.

I have over 24 years of experience as an Executive Assistant myself, so I have in-depth knowledge of what the role requires. I have also experienced first-hand, how coaching can help turn a good EA into a remarkable one.

A top-notch assistant will be your trouble-shooter, translator, help-desk attendant, diplomat, human database, travel consultant, amateur psychologist and ambassador in one. Bringing out this talent is an investment worth making.

Why not give me a call today to find out how I can help you get the best EA and support team in town!