Find your un-comfort zone

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Find your un-comfort zone

I remember the moment I clicked the save button on my LinkedIn profile having updated it to reflect my new Coaching business.  For me a very public declaration that I was actually a Coach and a very conscious declaration to my unconscious mind that I actually believed I was a coach.

Having worked in Office Management and Senior Executive Assistant roles for 24 years, I always got a kick out of dealing with the detail for people, being one step ahead and anticipating their needs. I enjoyed helping people free up their time so they could think strategically and be more productive.

Yet, it wasn’t until one pivotal point in my career that I realised I’d never dedicated the same effort to creating my own ‘strategic thinking space’.

After attending an assertiveness and confidence building course, I had a lightbulb moment. I realised that I wasn’t getting the best out of myself.  I had lots of strengths and skills I wasn’t necessarily using in my job or in other areas of my life. I was standing in my own way of being the best version of me. By challenging my self-limiting beliefs, becoming aware of what was holding me back and trying out new patterns of behaviour I became much more effective and fulfilled at work and in my personal life.

comfort zone

Step by step I started to enjoy the challenge of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and gathering evidence to prove to myself that I could achieve whatever I wanted to if I wanted it enough and was prepared to fail along the way.  Step by step my confidence and resilience began to grow and I discovered the amazing transformational power of the brain.  And along with that I discovered a love of coaching!  I had discovered a love for helping others transform themselves into whoever and whatever they wanted to be or rather whoever they’ve always had the potential to be.

I have long had an unconscious life moto that you have one life so live it and love it!  And now I had  the skills to help others be the best version of themselves and took the exciting and terrifying step of setting up my own Coaching business.

Therein a whole new set of challenges presented themselves.  I was now out of my comfort zone most of the time.  In fact I was so far out of my comfort zone I couldn’t even see it!  I was in a world of business owners.  I didn’t have a Managing Director job title on LinkedIn.  I didn’t have 20 year’s worth of coaching experience and I didn’t have the letters Phd or MA or even ABC after my name so surely this meant I wasn’t as good as all the other hundreds of coaches out there?  How on earth was I going to compete and be noticed?  I was just little-old-me.

But with a “one-step-at-a-time” strategy and just a little bit of stubbornness I began to gather evidence that I had a value in the world of coaching.  A unique value just like all those other hundreds of coaches out there.  All people are unique and remarkable in their own way so it stands to reason that all coaches are also all unique in their own way!  We all have different qualifications, different skills, strengths and weaknesses and different life experiences but all (hopefully) share the same agenda to help people help themselves be the best version of themselves and achieve their goals.

Are you the best version of yourself in your career or current path?  If not, my invitation to you would be to notice if you’re focussing on what you think you’re not good at or don’t have experience in.  Notice if you’re focussing on what you haven’t achieved rather than what you have achieved.  What strengths have you used to get to this point?  What has lead to your success so far?

Throughout my previous career I worked for the senior executive in all roles.  I enjoyed building a great relationship so that I could anticipate their needs before the task even hit their radar.  I enjoyed being an empathic, non-judgemental listener for my colleagues and an ambassador for the company and being comfortable with communicating at all levels.

So my success story is I’ve transferred those skills into my passion of helping people help themselves be the best version of themselves.  A success story?  Absolutely yes and absolutely no because success would imply I’ve reached my destination.  The truth is I don’t ever want to reach my destination.   I don’t ever want to stop learning and getting better at what I do and I don’t ever want to stop pushing myself out of my comfort zone and taking risks.  Where there is a challenge, there is a sense of achievement and pride at the end of it.

What does your success story look like?