Have you got a map?

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Have you got a map?

Black mountainsDriving through the beautiful Welsh mountains at the weekend I was struck by the spectacular and challenging terrain.  Craggy rocks jutting out and deep grooves cutting through the landscape.  Steep inclines interspersed with waterfalls, some cascading dramatically over precipices and some softly trickling down spongy, moss covered channels.  Lush green fields encircled by protective hedges neighbouring robust, hardy vegetation exposed to the elements.

How symbolic these magnificent, unique formations are for life.

Are you trudging across the landscape losing your footing every now and again but stopping to admire the beauty of your surroundings?  Are you striding up the mountain determined to get to the top so you can hastily retreat before the light fades?  Are you traversing the mountain but never seeking a way past those protruding rocks, which appear to block you from climbing to the top, to see how far you’ve come?  Are you adjusting your pace according to the terrain, breathing in the wonder that surrounds you, going as far up as you want so you can survey which mountain you could climb next or have you padded into a green field surrounded by sheltering hedges and set up your picnic blanket because that signals as far as you’re going to go?   What beauty lies beyond those hedges?

I’d love to help you read your map and help you choose the right footwear 🙂