Just do it!

February 6, 2016 by Blog No Comments

Just do it!

In my previous blog I talked about my resistance to de-cluttering as part of a goal setting exercise I was undertaking.  Reflecting on my resistance I realised my inner child was stamping it’s feet rebelling against an implication that my efficiency was being compromised by my “organised” clutter.  But more than that, de-cluttering was clashing with a core value of having fun and a belief that while I’m tidying I’m missing out on having fun and meaningful exptake-actioneriences.

Does this mean I am officially suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out)?  And now that I’ve succumbed to using acronyms can I credibly call myself “street”?

So as I sit down to write this blog I am very aware that I seem to be finding really “important” tasks to do instead of writing.  Although I’m absolutely certain it was essential to put all the dates of the UK Bank Holidays in my calendar for the whole year as I would have spontaneously combusted if I hadn’t done that today, I can’t deny that there is some serious procrastinating afoot here.

So why am I procrastinating?

All our habits and behaviour are stored in the unconscious mind.  The unconscious mind will produce behaviour to back up anything we consciously tell it.  So what message am I sending my unconscious mind by procrastinating?

I’m telling it there’s something to be fearful of writing this blog.  I’m telling it there is some reason not to move towards this goal.  Am I not good enough at writing?  Have I not written it like a “proper” blog?  Have I not made a clear enough point in my writing?

Is it fear of not writing a perfect blog?  Is this the part of me that says nothing I do will ever be good enough rather than being open to the insights that making mistakes could show me?

Maybe all of that is true.  So what is the answer?

The answer is, just do it!  Take action to build confidence and resilience to keep going. Just write what comes into my head, proof-read it and post it somewhere for people to read, if they choose to.

If just one person reads it and resonates with it then my job is done.  If just one person thinks “yes, I do that too, I’m not alone” then I will have succeeded in my intention.

If just one person suddenly becomes aware that they do not have the date of National Kissing Day or Grandparents Day in their calendars (19th June and 2nd October for those who are interested) and questions their motives then I will have succeeded.

How does procrastinating or perfectionism impact you?