Team Coaching

How effective are your teams?

What would happen if your teams were fully present without personal agenda?  A place of creativity and insight… much time and money would you save?  

I can design a bespoke Team Development Programme to help your team:

  • Focus on individual and collective strengths to help each individual feel significant, capable and worthy of belonging to the team. The techniques I use can help to reinforce emotional needs for feeling safe, valued, in control and belonging.
  • Recognise how each person directly contributes to the organisation’s strategy and vision and to appreciate how they are each vital “cogs in the machine”. This can help reinforce their emotional needs for feeling valued and belonging to the team.
  • Deal with conflict and empathise with their team members.
  • See the benefits of creating a challenging and supportive environment, using confident, assertive communication and embracing diversity.

I am an Accredited Clarity 4D Business Partner and can use Colour Personality Profiling to help individuals understand themselves and their communication preferences and understand more about others who may have different preferences, expectations and desires in order to function more effectively and increase productivity.


Why not give me a call today to find out how I can help you have the best team in town!