The Bird Table – A Nest to Grow

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The Bird Table – A Nest to Grow

shutterstock_241683271 (1)If you know me or have ever read one of my previous blogs you will have heard me banging on about the fact we are all wired to love, connect and belong to something bigger than ourselves.  We are interdependent.  In an ideal world, of which it appears we are rather distanced from at the moment, we can all learn from each other and our different experiences, skills and ideas.  We can all celebrate our differences and challenge and support each other to be the best that we can be.    We all have fundamental needs to feel significant, capable and worthy of belonging so we don’t get picked off by a bear from our tribe.

In evolutionary terms we are wired to look for potential emotional and physical risk to our safety.  If the brain detects a potential threat, blood flow is redirected from the thinking part of our brain to the large muscles in our arms and legs to prepare us to fight or flee the threat.  Our emotional memory controls our reactions without the benefit of logic or reason.

We all need a safe place to unfold where we can be our true selves without our internal threat system being triggered.

The Bird Table provides business development groups for women with small businesses

The ethos of the Bird Table is a safe place for women to be themselves so the internal threat system is not triggered and the thinking part of the brain is working at its best.  An environment is created where women can think clearly for themselves without any interruption or any pressure to perform.  So often in life we are told what we should think, what we should do or how we should be.  At The Bird Table, members treat each other with equality of thinking.  They believe in each other’s ability to find their own solutions to any challenges they may have with their business and they challenge and support each other to hit their goals.

Clear thinking in a safe environment

I remember my early days as a Coach with the Bird Table and going to one of the fantastic monthly CPD days where the Coaches challenge and support each other to learn and grow in a safe environment of no judgement or competition.  I didn’t yet have the confidence to run a session around a psychological model but I wanted to contribute and brought a supervision challenge I had experienced with a client.  I remember driving to the venue rehearsing how I was going to articulate the challenge, really keen to get all the relevant parts of my challenge across so the other Coaches could ask appropriate questions to move my thinking forward which I could take back to the coaching relationship.

It was a beautifully sunny June day and we took this session out onto the lawn of the elegant venue we were meeting at.  I remember feeling anxious before my session – my internal threat system had been triggered and was warning me that there was a bear about to attack me.  Ok, so there wasn’t a bear but there were lots of Coaches more experienced than me.  What would they think if I stumbled over my words or didn’t explain myself properly?  As I took a deep breath and started to speak I looked around at all the encouraging eyes, all willing me to continue and listening intently to every word I said.  I remember my body relaxing and I could hear my voice explaining every single part of the coaching challenge clearly and calmly.  Wow, there was no threat here!  There was no bear, only supportive ears in a safe environment delivering the challenging questions I really wanted to hear to enable me to do the very best for my client.

Having experienced first hand the physical and psychological impact of really being listened to and of having someone really believe in your potential is so powerful and has helped me challenge my own limiting beliefs which, in turn, is helping me grow my own business.  I am proud to be part of the Bird Table and to have the opportunity to help other female business owners think more clearly, set tighter goals and grow their businesses.

Are you are a female business owner?  Would you like to grow your business and experience the power of the Bird Table?  I am recruiting for the next term of the Bird Table in Berkhamsted which starts in September.

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