What a beautiful view

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What a beautiful view

Myles Downey said “the natural state of the human being is to be fully expressed, uninhibited without fear or doubt”. We are interdependent.  We are hard-wired to love, connect and belong to something bigger than ourselves and we don’t need to do it all alone, we were never meant to.

Sharing experiences, both good and bad is essential to our wellbeing. Take someone with you on your journey to success and know that there will always be someone with you when the driving conditions get tough.

Who will you choose to take with you?

As the name suggests a Coach is a vehicle. A vehicle for movement from one point to another. A vehicle to accompany you on your journey to success and a vehicle to help you feel safe so you keep your foot on the accelerator when the driving conditions get tough.

shutterstock_108915350In order to reach and breathe in that beautiful panoramic view you long to experience you may have to take a fairly uneven, unpredictable and bumpy road to reach that destination. It may be an uncomfortable ride but without that discomfort of the jolting vehicle as it navigates the craggy road surface, you may never experience that view.

A Coach’s intention is always to create a safe space to challenge and support the client. Help them feel comfortable enough to be honest with themselves and push them to a place of discomfort where they will learn and grow. And if asking a client to feel uncomfortable, out of the safety of what they know works or what they know will succeed, the Coach must be prepared to go there themselves.

As the Coach helps you on your journey along that bumpy road, their suspension is going to be tested, the axles may shudder and creak and the tyres may be under pressure from the rough, jagged road surface but they must be prepared to be uncomfortable on that journey too.

They must be open to not knowing the answers.

They must be prepared to follow the flow of the road and rapidly adjust the steering to take account of any sudden twists and turns in the road. And they must be comfortable with occasionally stalling if they encounter an obstruction in the road, just so long as they know how to restart the engine.

Equally the passenger must be aware of their surroundings and may decide that the view they thought they wanted to see was not, in fact, the one that made their heart sing.

They must be aware and notice which other roads could take them to the destination they desire. They may decide that they’d rather take the last leg of the journey on foot as they’re confident in the route they now need to take and the Coach will be happy to drop them off in a safe place for them to finish their journey.

However, when the journey concludes, both Coach and passenger will have been transformed.

Both will have been uncomfortable and both will have learned from the experience in terms of how to navigate the road and at what speed, where the obstacles and pitfalls were on the road, what would make the journey more enjoyable and who to take with them.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” Carl Jung

The meeting of two personalities is connection. A connection is when the passenger is able to feel a Coach’s belief in their ability to reach their destination.

A connection is when the passenger feels able to unfasten their seatbelt despite the uneven, rugged road because they know the Coach is also exposed and vulnerable.

What do the views look like along and at the end of your bumpy road?

What type of vehicle could help you on your journey and who will you take with you?