Why do you run?

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Why do you run?

When we run we get a boost of the chemicals Dopamine, Noradrenaline and Serotonin associated with mood enhancing feelings of happiness, focus and satisfaction similar to the effects of taking SSRIs.

Many people join running clubs to improve their social networks and increase a sense of belonging and connection, associated with fundamental human needs.  And many run to increase their fitness and sense of well-being.

Running in a competitive race; being overtaken or battling against the limitations of the body and wanting to give up, or getting a pat on the back and a supportive voice next to us, encouraging us to keep going, is a wonderful representation of life.  We get overtaken, we struggle and feel like giving up but having someone support and encourage us reminds us of the strength we have inside to keep going and cross the finish line and be proud of what we’ve achieved.

Running is a state of moving forward and being.  So where else in your life do you feel the happiness and satisfaction you gain through running?  Are you moving forward and “being” in other areas of your life?

  • Do you have a perception that coaching is about sitting in a room, opposite a person who will ask you questions and expect you to come up with some clever answers (which, by the way, is not what coaching is)?
  • Do you feel like you haven’t got the time to invest in personal or professional development coaching?
  • Do you not really understand how personal or professional development coaching works or how it might benefit you?

Have you have already created time and space in your life for running and found that “happy place” that it creates for you?  Would you like to convert that “happy place” to other areas of your life, without having to create more time?  Then let’s go for a run together and I’ll help you find the right path, pace and destination for you in other areas of your life.

Routes, duration and pace of runs tailored to individuals’ needs

Introductory offer £30 per hour session

(if 3 sessions booked and paid for in advance)

15% of all sessions donated to the Hospice of St Francis 

Contact Sarah Veall

07887 793651

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